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Who is Eligible?

Active Membership in the Fort Knoxo Spouses and Community Club (FKSCC) is open to:


  • United States Military Identification card holders of all ranks, their spouses, and family members age 18 and above
  • Civilian ID card holders, their spouses, and family members age 18 and above
  • US Sponsored foreign liaison personnel, their spouses and family members age 18 and above.

Associate Membership in the FKSCC may be extended to:

  • Non-United States Military Identification card holders, their spouses, and family members above 18 years of age
  • Those to whom membership has been extended at the discretion of the Board of Governors

The FKSCC offers our members enjoyable luncheon programs, participation in internal and external fundraisers, and general membership meetings with the opportunity to share these experiences with other members and community leaders.




Eligible Guests


  • Eligible Guests may attend one luncheon (membership meeting) prior to joining as a member.



Why Join?


  • Meet new friends and build lifelong friendships!
  • Be involved in an organization that does community outreach through many different programs.
  • Volunteer in an organization that has wonderful scholarship opportunities.
  • To enjoy special functions that are planned throughout the year.
  • To make your time at Fort Knox the best it can be!




The current cost is $31.00 per year.  Early sign up discount of $5.00 will be offered until Super Sign Up.


How Do I Join?


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